Many suppliers simply don't have the resources to staff a marketing department which is why we created a robust suite of services designed to market your unique identity. Because we understand that each client is different and therefore has different needs, we don't sell "one size fits all" solutions.

Instead, we tailor each marketing plan to fit not only your message and budget but also your company culture and your target audience. Our sales and creative teams will joint venture with you to design, develop, and deliver an actionable plan that will not only build brand awareness but drive brand preference.

Additional Services:
  • Complete marketing messaging and strategy
  • Annual trend analysis by product category
  • Development of marketing calendar
  • PromoFlash email broadcasting
  • Digital catalog creation
  • Identity Collection digital catalog supplements
  • Social media planning and execution
  • Content marketing sponsorships
  • Media sponsorships
  • Logo creation
  • Video production ‐ both short and long-form
  • Banner advertising
All Marketing Service Packages Include:
  • Discovery meeting between PromoCorner and key client stakeholders to gain visibility to client goals, objectives, and mission
  • Bi-weekly meetings between PromoCorner and key client stakeholders throughout the scope of the agreement to ensure a continual flow of information and communication
    • During these meetings, the consistency of messaging, updates on the performance of tasks, and efficacy of each project will be reviewed
  • Full design services for all digital media
    • Designed by PromoCorner with careful input from key client stakeholders to ensure continuity, consistency, and relevancy
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