PromoPlus was created to provide the intuitive marketing tools you need to build your business at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. PromoCorner is the industry’s largest source for online supplier marketing catalogs and flyers with over 35,000 digital catalog pages and counting! Whether it’s email broadcasting, digital catalogs, or website content, PromoPlus from PromoCorner can help you stand out from the crowd!
Email marketing is still the most cost-effective form of direct advertising. PromoCorner’s PromoDirect email marketing system provides both the content and the broadcast vehicle. You can use our automated service, build your own, or both! PromoDirect benefits include:

With 10,000 subscribers, you can broadcast your message to as many or as few recipients as you prefer

Once engaged, PromoCorner will build and broadcast an email newsletter every week, two weeks, or month based on your preferences

New digital flyers and supplier catalogs are available daily which means the content is always up-to-date

User-friendly, point-and-click functionality allows for the creation of rich, eye-catching newsletters in seconds

Statistics are available in real-time so you can see the number of opens, who is opening, and what products they click on

Pick and choose what suppliers appear in your unique newsletter

Full technical support is always included

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When shopping for promotional products, prospects and clients who visit your website will be certain to click on the “specials” page. PromoSaver ensures that your specials page is updated every single day so that the merchandise is always current. PromoSaver benefits include:

Once PromoSaver is set up, we do all the work as the specials are updated in real-time

PromoSaver is embedded on your website so visitors never need to leave

Full technical support is always included

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Suppliers have engaged countless of professional digital designers to create online catalogs that market, educate, and inspire. With MyPromoPages you can digitally deliver them directly to your audience saving you money on both postage and printing. MyPromoPages benefits include:

Add your own customer cover, choose the product categories, and vendors you want.

Using the intuitive interface, it takes only a few clicks of the mouse to create an all encompassing industry catalog.

With thousands of catalog pages, the only limit is your imagination.

Create the perfect catalog targeted specifically for your clients.

Full technical support is always included.

Create unlimited PromoPages for the duration of your subscription.

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Thousands of potential end-user clients visit PromoCorner each month seeking the perfect branded merchandise solution. With your PromoPlus subscription, you are automatically included in our referral program! Any end-user seeking samples or more information on our website is required to create an account and log in to a client friendly version of PromoCorner. More importantly, their data is captured and we pass those leads to our PromoPlus subscribers!