New Normal Driving Automotive Products
Great automotive products just for you! 5/28/2020 | PromoJournal Staff, Product Feature

Adjusting to a new normal as the nation slowly starts getting back to business is a priority for everyone—especially as we move into the summer months. Families are foregoing flying to faraway exotic vacation destinations and will most likely take to the roads, which means that it is a wonderful time for automotive promotional products to take center stage. Plus, more cars on the road means that auto repair shops will become busy again.

Carrie Lewis at BIC Graphic says that the automotive industry is always going to use promotional products to stay top-of-mind because they are looking for customers for life, not just a one-time transaction. “Even if automotive customers have limited budgets right now, it’s important to have unique, relevant, and memorable promos to show them as businesses reopen and stay at home orders are lifted,” she explains.

Unfortunately, living in a pandemic means that in-person car shopping is often not possible. “People can’t spend hours negotiating face to face with car dealers and going on test drives right now because of coronavirus,” BIC Graphic’s Lewis states. “Negotiations begin online, and at-home delivery is becoming the new preferred way to buy a vehicle. She recommends including promos such as a travel mug in the cup holder (#46311), an umbrella gift set in the backseat (#26199), and an ice scraper clipped on the visor (#21245) can add a personal touch to the delivery and increase brand impressions for the dealership—long after the sale.

Repair shops are essential to keeping things moving, even when the country is partially shut down, Lewis continues. “To keep employees and customers safer, shops are using hand sanitizer wipes (#41165) to clean hands as vehicles move into and out of the repair shop,” she explains. “These are also a great leave behind in the vehicle once service is complete. Additionally, affordable antimicrobial pens (#RSANTI) provide added protection along with brand promotion while encouraging people to keep the pen after signing documents to minimize the spread of germs.”

Webb Company also sees the hand sanitizer trend. Rena Ashfeld says that the company makes all of its hand sanitizer in-house. Ashfeld believes this trend will continue during the course of the pandemic. “We are running two shifts to keep up with demand,” she comments.

Over at KTI Promo, Joshua Pospisil reports a huge surge in interest for PPE-related products. “As a tech supplier we wanted to stay in our area of expertise, so we have brought in Non-Contact Thermometers and UV sanitizing products,” he says. “By focusing on these tech-related PPE products this has allowed us to stay in our realm but still help the public with their needs. Demand has been through the roof.”

There is a multitude of new and best-selling automotive items that distributors can add to their offerings to help their clients weather these challenging times. BIC Graphic’s #21272 Converter Light is rechargeable with a 360-degree head swivel and 180-degree handle swivel. “Compact, foldable, and able to convert into a desk lamp, flashlight, spotlight or lantern; this makes a great addition to any shop,” Lewis comments. “Fun and whimsical promos like the #21105 Happy Tri-Function Keychain are useful but also bring smiles to customers’ faces. Complete with a bottle opener, keylight and three-foot tape measure, this three-function keychain is a great promo for any automotive business.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, KTI Promo’s best sellers were its Air-Buds (EH20) and newly released Air-Bud Pros (EH25). “However, now our big sellers are our Non-Contact Thermometers (TH02), UV Sanitizing Lamp (UV03), and UV Sanitizing Wand (UV05),” Pospisil says.

Webb Company’s Ashfeld is excited about its new Sanitizer Stations, which she proclaims are the talk of Social Media, adding to the company’s best-selling hand sanitizers—in any and every size!

Americanna’s car coasters are great, particularly the Flat Tire ones (Item #FT-CC),” Josette Bosse recommends. “These USA-made coasters are made of recycled tires and fit into the bottom of standard vehicle cup holders,” she notes. “It collects condensation, allowing the car to be kept a little cleaner.”

Ashfeld at Webb Company says automotive products are selling themselves. “Just let your customers know you can do branded hand sanitizer for giveaways with their logo and contact information—people will keep it with them,” she advises.

Expanding on Ashfeld’s thoughts is Pospisil at KTI Promo, who adds, “Listen to your customers to see what they are really looking for and take a minute to take it all in and really give them suggestions you feel will best fit their needs.”

While it may seem difficult for businesses to consider spending money during such uncertain times, Lewis at BIC Graphic offers this sage advice. “Even if production or sales are slower, it is still beneficial for businesses to spend on promotional products. If marketing budgets are smaller, the power and longevity of promos just make sense for smart spending. It is more important than ever for automotive businesses to keep their name in front of potential customers.

“Road trips are taking the place of air travel this summer, as people take time for day excursions to get out of the house and explore,” Lewis concludes. “Automotive businesses can add their logo to road trip essentials like tools, safety kits, and even pet accessories so their brands go along on the getaway.”

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