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Brain-Boosting, Stress-Relieving Team-Builders! 5/14/2020 | PromoJournal Staff, Product Feature

Today’s times dictate that employees work harder—and smarter—than they ever have before. Part of this working smart is knowing when to take a breather. Having games and toys readily available to take a much-needed brain break not only enhances productivity, but also fosters team building. These items area also a wonderful way to break the ice at corporate events and parties. Puzzles, checkers, chess, cards, cubes, putty, balls—as well as lawn games that a group can play—are high on the list of employee and client gifts.

According to Carrie Lewis at BIC Graphic, there is a big trend toward personalizing a workspace—with fun games providing an innovative method to add some brevity to a workday. “Desktop games can provide a light-hearted break in your day which can in turn make your work hours more productive,” she says. “Plus, it is a great way to build camaraderie as one team when people stop by to have a little fun on their break."

“Promotional products are inherently fun way for companies to show off a less serious side of their brand,” Lewis adds. To that end, BIC Graphic has developed game items at a range of price points that are suitable for any budget—from small giveaways to sets perfect for gifting based on customer demand. The company has also launched several different games, spinners, and game sets in the last year in response to trends it has identified in the marketplace. “Really, we saw interest in games and promos focused on fun after people went wild for spinners a few years ago.”

At Clegg Promo, toy and game trending items include creative and reusable compounds that are similar to slime, dough, and putty. Tracey Bohmbach notes that this is because they tap into the creativity of the user and also relieve stress. “The interest is in unboxing (opening something to get to the end product) and having something to ‘play’ with when workload is high,” she comments.

Fortunately, suppliers have introduced an array of new games and toys, which is particularly important as the holiday season rapidly approaches. Clegg Promo has introduced new Puzzle Cubes, Splat Putty, Robot Cube, and Tangle Jr. (a fidget toy). These products join the following best sellers: 4831 Series Splat Putty, #4420 Series Acro Bots (plastic mini robots), #4430 Series Acro Bots, Puzzle Cubes and #398000 Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle Robot Cube.

BIC Graphic’s Lewis says the #32288 Office Fun Game Set has been popular for corporate gifts this season. “With pieces for checkers, chess, dominoes, cribbage, dice, and cards, this multi-use set also has a generous 8” w x 8” h full-color imprint area,” she comments. “A cool tech promo at a great price point is the #32199 Mobile Joystick, which turns your phone into a traditional gaming controller. It’s a great promo for technology companies, toy brands, or to use as a giveaway for gaming/tech conventions.”

IMAGEN Brands, has introduced oversized lawn games. “They are a great addition to friend/family game nights or adding fun at corporate events,” Lindsey Shultz maintains. “You can enjoy playing Yahtzee, Snake Eyes, or an old-fashioned board game with the popular Oversize Wooden Yard Dice Game. It’s also great for corporate ice breakers or a new twist for a casino night. Set up a dozen of the Oversized Checkers With Mat for a company picnic Round Robin Tournament!”

The company’s new Fun On The Go Corn Hole is a cute alternative to the classic game, Shultz continues. “It’s perfectly portable and can be set up anywhere!” she raves. “It’s great to take with you to the local brewery or can be played in a conference room to add humor to a long day of meetings. or spinners a few years ago.”

Games and toys are guaranteed to attract attention when placed in just the right spot. Bohmbach of Clegg Promo recommends that distributors emphasize to clients that if these items are sitting on a desk, others can’t seem to keep their hands off them! “Everyone has the urge to pick it up to see how it works or how it feels,” she states.

Lewis at BIC Graphic expands on Bohmbach’s sentiments. “Games bring out the kid in all of us, so there is potential to suggest games and toys to nearly every client,” she advises. “Don’t just think of niche campaigns for fun promos, because nearly every brand would love to be associated with a good time and positivity. Who wouldn’t love to get a game or toy at their next meeting as an ice breaker? Promotional toys and games are a great addition to any campaign for nearly any market.”

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