Just Rewards
It's more attractive than ever that your customers have a referral rewards program to thank them for their loyalty
Multi-Line Reps
Identity Collection - Health & Wellness 2020
Health and wellness products designed to fit your budget and build your brand
We Need More Options
…the move toward plastic-free packaging.
The Challenge of Regional Accents
Bold industry predictions, a "Fashion Masterclass" for distributors, printing a retro newsletter, Athletes speak out on cheating, the Promo Person of the Week, & more
The Intriguing World of Dr. Seuss
Great lessons from a true icon.
Caps “Cover” Fabric, Fit, and Function in Headwear Market
Headwear remains a hot trend in the promotional products industry!
Howard Headden from Perry Ellis International
Changes and trends in the promo industry.
How Much Checking In is TOO Much?
Tips to manage your client contact.
The Coronavirus Impact
Desire in the Grocery Store Checkout Line
There's a valuable marketing and sales lesson in, "Please Mom, PLEASE!!"
Rebranding of Hub - and Others That Might Want to Follow Suit
Coronavirus impact on business, impact of recent books, efficacy of the XFL, a brand management lesson from McDonald's, Promo Person of the Week, & more
Find Your Focus
5 tips toward finding your focus.
It's a Green World
Business sustainability is becoming a consumer expectation.
Sam Kabert from Swagworx
Testimony from the virtual assistant scholar!
3 Ways VA's Can Help in commonsku
How to get the most out of virtual assistants in Commonsku.
Best PPAI Expo, EVER.
Finding opportunity away from the madness.
PPAI Expo Recap
Keep An Eye On Sustainability Initiatives
…look for sales opportunities when prospects announce changes in sourcing principles.
Kirby & Bill Review the commercials during the "Big Game!"
Bill's ASI Show! experience, ASB forms a supplier advisory board, HALO acquires Axis Promotions, the Promo Person of the Week, & more!
Embrace Change and Technology and Thrive!
Change is part of life.
Strong Demand for Hospital/Healthcare Products is Constant
New and old products are abundant.
Nick Lateur from Imagen Brands
How to take over Monday!
Just a Little of that Human Touch
Automation isn't always appreciated.
Maintaining the Critical Balance of Marketing and Marketing
"Creativity is intellgience having fun." - Albert Einstein