Catering to Cooking Enthusiasts
Fantastic product ideas for the kitchen!
Wireless Car Charger from KTI Promo
Wireless car charging with a Hug!
Prop-Grip from KTI Promo
Prop Up your Phone with this Grip!
Roll-Up Water Bottle from KTI Promo
Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Carabiner Golf Divot Tool from EMT
Keep those Greens smooth!
Phone Loops from EMT
Ninja Grip and Petite Wrist Straps!
Campout! The Perfect Way to Practice Social Distancing
Great products for social distancing while enjoying the great outdoors!
Dual-Function Wine Corkscrew/ Bottle Opener from EMT
Wine and Beer Night!
Golf N' Brew 2 Prong Multifunction Tool from EMT
Draining Putts and Popping Tops!
Bag Tag Survival Tool from EMT
Survive that Errday Travel Life!
Athleisure For Spring!
Time for Amelia to go through her closet and show you some great promotional ideas!
Crayo-Craze from Liqui-Mark
It's time to get crazy!
Square Lighter from Liqui-Mark
Being a square isn't always bad!
Barbecue Time!
Spring has sprung and summer is about to make her grand entrance.
Gel Sport Pen from Liqui-Mark
Fun Crayon from Liqui-Mark
It's time to step up your coloring!
Star Lighter from Liqui-Mark
What's the brightest object you can think of?
PromoErrday - EPISODE 600
Thank you to everyone that supports this show!
Powerpad Wireless Charging Pad from Beacon
The modern convenience promo!
Jot-It-To-Me Hanging Light Box from Beacon
Brighten up your notes and reminders!
Reusable Totes: Colorful, Natural, and Detailed!
Growing demand makes reusable bags a hot commodity.
Frizzy Finger Duster from Beacon
Tidy promo!
Safety Alarm Key Chain from Beacon
Safety first promo!
Ooh-La-La Massage Roller Ball from Beacon
Promo to relax with!
Momo Stick Phone Grip from SnugZ
Hold on tight!