12 oz Stainless Tervis from Tervis
Keep your drinks cold and fancy!
24 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle from Tervis
60 hours of cold water!
Employee Week - Laurie Moore - Toothbrush
Keep those teeth nice and white!
Employee Week -Halle Moore - Stainless Tumbler
Keep your fancy drinks nice and cold!
Employee Week - Amelia Madl - Regency Striped Blanket
Stay nice and warm on those rainy days!
Employee Week - Laurie Moore - Car Coasters
Keep those cup holders nice and clean!
Employee Week - Jessica Onions - Pens
Perfect for writing down those brain dumps!
Rectangle Lint Remover from Tekweld
Keep your clothes looking fresh and clean!
Tek Booklet with Microfiber Cloth from Tekweld
Make sure you message is remembered!
Tech Trends
What isn't trending in tech these days?
Retro Lunch Box with 10 oz Wine Glasses from Tekweld
Teacher's favorite lunch box!
20 oz. Aluminum Bottle with Silicone Strap from Tekweld
Easy to carry all your water all day!
Salad Shaker Container from Tekweld
Keep up those healthy routines!
Traveler Tritan Bottle from CPS/Keystone
Perfect for the commute to work!
Cool Down Bundle from CPS/Keystone
Stay cool after those hot workouts!
Packaging Options: A New Necessity in a Changed World
Presentation is EVERYTHING!
Kitchen Bundle from CPS/Keystone
Perfect size to get the job done!
Hydrate PPE Bundle from CPS/Keystone
Stay fit and clean all in a water bottle!
16 oz. Estate Tumbler with Cork Bottom from CPS/Keystone
Straw hole for quiet drinking!
Brooks Fleece from Dri Duck
Perfect for those for cool days!
Torrent Rain Jacket from Dri Duck
Sealed water tight to keep you Dri!
Give Them a Boost!
Promotional Products are being used as a fundraiser for the booster clubs!
Ace Jacket from Dri Duck
The jacket with the right amount of stretch!
Yukon Flex Jacket from Dri Duck
Stretches to fit every situation!
Cheyenne Jacket from Dri Duck
Soft yet super durable!